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Our blog is written by Shannon who with Little Princess give all our products a thorough test by using them in their everyday lives. Join with us and share your thoughts and opinions on our products - we love to hear how our products are used and enjoyed!


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Babiators sunglasses

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These Babiators sunglasses are not only a celebrity baby trend, but are also practical and comfortable. First of all, the lenses provide 100% protection from both UVA and UVB rays. Secondly, the flexible rubber frame is comfortable for little faces, and the bonus colour coordinated headband strap ensures they won’t fall off. Last of all, they are little princess’ favourite sunnies, and she is a tough critic!
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It's picnic blanket season

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The Tuffo multicoloured picnic blanket has been one of our favourite Shopgirl products. This water-resistant, machine-washable, and stylish picnic rug lives in our car allowing us to take advantage of the glorious weather at any time. No more tartan picnic rugs in our family! Here is a photo of little princess taking a well-earned scooter break in Centennial Park.
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Easter gift ideas

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Easter is fast approaching, as mountains of chocolate pile up in shopping centre’s around the country. However, if you are looking for some unique chocolate-free Easter gift ideas then you are in the right place. Shop Girl has something fabulous for everyone.

For the adults, check out our beautiful range of TUFFO multicoloured picnic rugs and designer beach bags. For the kiddies we have the unique Doodle art range, pretty pettiskirts for little girls, super cool Babiators sunglasses, the ever popular Muddy Buddy, and much more.

Happy Easter!

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Doodle Placemats by Stitch Designworks

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So what’s the secret to eating out with kids in peace? Well, for the creative souls out there, I would highly recommend the Doodle Placemats by Stitch Designworks .

Although, I usually avoid carting little princess along to classy restaurants, we recently found ourselves meeting friends at one of Sydney’s nicer restaurants. Fresh from her dance recital, little princess was tired, hungry and very excited; a guaranteed meltdown scenario. However, thankfully we (and the other patrons) were spared this ordeal, thanks to our daughter’s fascination with her Doodle Placemats . She happily ‘doodled’ until her meal arrived and continued afterwards, giving us the opportunity to chat to our friends over a glass of wine, and eat our dinner with TWO hands.

These reusable placemats come with a set of washable markers and would make a unique children’s gift. Stitch Designworks also make Doodle Tablecloths and Doodle Pillowcases .

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TUFFO Multicoloured Picnic Blanket

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Charlotte who owns Shopgirl is a friend of mine who gave our family a TUFFO picnic blanket for Christmas.

It has already had a lot of use at the beach.

Our family also regularly have picnics in the back yard and it was amusing to see that our dog Jacko was first to make the new picnic blanket his home.

The blanket colours also are a great match for our colourful garden.

The other day, I got home from work to find a bunch of sunflowers had opened up to clebrate a great new year. Check out the picture to see who was sitting at first place with myself and the girls.

We all look at this image as the start of good news for the year ahead....


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TUFFO Muddy Buddy

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The recent unrelenting cold and rainy weather has resulted in extreme cabin fever in our household.  My little princess is "bored" with TV, craft and baking and so it appeared to be the perfect time to try out Shop Girl's TUFFO Muddy Buddy. As we took our dogs for their daily walk, my "bored" little girl was smiling again, enjoying some much needed fresh air and playtime at the rain-soaked park. During this outing, I was amazed to find that her clothing underneath remained completely dry and clean despite an unexpected trip, face first, into a muddy puddle!

It is clear that a lot of thought has gone into the Muddy Buddy including; reinforced panels in the knee and seat regions; an elasticised hood which does not fall off; dual front zippers for easy mess-free removal; and a light, portable weight of only 200 grams. At the bargain price of $30 the Muddy Buddy will keep your kids dry and clean during weekend sports, at the snow, on the farm, or during arts and crafts activities. The possibilities are really endless. This one is definitely on my hightly recommended list.

The Muddy Buddy has received the thumbs up from lots of other Mums. Check out what they have to say here.



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Shop Girl Welcome

Family life conjures up many happy thoughts; picnics, popcorn nights, holidays, long summers and lots of laughter. For the most part it is a magic time, but lets face it, parenthood is also a messy, chaotic and time consuming adventure, More often than not, style seems to get tossed out the window along with our skinny jeans, regular hair appointments and eight hours of consecutive sleep!

Here at Shop Girl, we get it, which why we source family-oriented products that focus on practicality and are designed for style. And the best part?

You don't need a celebrity budget to join our community of happy customers.

Recently, we thought it was time we dived into the blogoshere to keep you, our customers, informed about what is happening here in Shop Girl world.

We love and believe in our products and we want to ensure that you do too.

How do we plan on doing this, you might ask? A lovely Test-Mum, Shannon, has recently partnered with us to trial and review our many fabulous products (Shannon is a volunteer and will not be paid for her contributions) In addition, we invite you to add your comments and join our discussions.

Thank you for your loyalty and welcome to the Shop Girl blog... over to Shannon

Hi Shop Girl fans,

I am the besotted Mum of a super-energetic 2 1/2 year old known as "Little Princess". As a matter of fact, such is her obsession with pink and dresses, I'm sure she would love to be formally known as "Little Princess". However, as regular non-celebrity folk, we can't get away with an off-the-wall name and actually, I'm pretty certain someone would report me to the authorities.

We are very pleased to be joining the Shop Girl team and look forward to sharing our impressions with you here as we test these beautiful products. We hope this blog will inspire you to be confident when purchasing from Shop Girl ( and we also, kinda hope, to entertain you too)

We look forward to sharing our journey with you.

Shannon and Little Princess xxx




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