Suprella Pro Premium Umbrella

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These are genuine Suprella umbrellas imported specially for you! 
  •  Suprella is twice as strong as a normal umbrella, so it stands up to stormy conditions, making it the most durable umbrella you've ever had!
  • Unique umbrella opens inside out due to a new closing mechanism you'll never get wet again, even when you enter or leave your car
  • Suprella is sealed with a special high tech nano coating, so it doesn’t catch and absorb wetness and liquids. The rain drops just roll off of the material. Hands, clothes, floor and furniture stay dry!
  • Double layer inverted umbrella using new breakthrough design, whereby the wet side of the umbrella faces inward when closed, exposing only the dry side
  • Only requires a small space to open, suitable for entering and exiting your car easily on rainy days, while keeping your car interior dry and clean
  • UV protection UV Resistant You can also use the Suprella in the sun! No harmful UV radiation can touch you under the Suprella!
  • The unusual handle is comfortable to hold -  slip onto your arm & your hands are free 
  • Free carry sleeve 

Height/Length  85 cm 

Diameter of 2-3 cm when folded

Diameter  110 cm safe and dry area

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