Personal Alarm Pocket Size Bodyguard by ila Security

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  • In a threatening situation pull chain
  • Activates ear-piercing 130D sound
  • Research shows others more likely to respond
  • Disorientates attacker
  • Easy to use
  • Screams for 10 mins unless you put chain back in

A stylish charm that doubles as a personal pocket size body guard. This key chain alarm system is designed to help women feel safer and to prevent potentially dangerous situations. Ideal for walkers, joggers, those who exercise their dog, or arrive home from work during darker hours of the day. Attach the discreet, stylish alarm to you purse, handbag, gym bag, or keychain. In a threatening situation simply pull the chain. The device immediately emits an ear-piercing 130 decibel female scream, which studies show increases the likelihood that help will respond, as opposed to a traditional alarm. The scream disorients the attacker and will last for 10 minutes or until the chain is replaced. This easy to use personal safety device gives security to individuals and their families on a day to day basis, not just in emergencies. Available in four pattern options: Zebra, Leopard, Blue, and Floral; the ila Security Dusk Personal Alarm is the perfect accessory for style and peace of mind.

Weight: 60g Size: 80x38x19mm Battery life: 3 years

Colour options Zebra, Leopard, Blue, Floral


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